What Board Members Need To Know...

Your Fellow Board Members and Property Managers Can Steal; Board Members Beware or Face Personal Liability Yourself

Authorities in Baton Rouge, La., charged former HOA board president David Heroman with 10 counts of felony theft for allegedly stealing $29,000 from Riverband Lakes Homeowners Association.  Heroman wrote 10 checks out to cash and signed them while serving as president of the association.

The same thing happened in South Carolina where HOA president Leslie Epps-McLemore  was charged with embezzling more than $5,000 from her association in Jones Island, S.C.  The charges against Epps-McLemore were  dropped by authorities.  The charges were brought because according to HOA leadership, the president  Epps-McLemore had not responded to  requests for information on the finances of the association.  Board presidents just can’t do that.  All board members have to have access to records whenever and wherever they want.  If so, obstinate acts by people like Epps-McLemore would not lead to criminal action being taken. Read the news report.

Thefts can be perpetrated by board members and community managers if board members do not have control of their business records and regularly review them to watch out for fraud.  Do you board member job or face personal liability.  Your entire community gets hurt if you do not do your board job.  Get the right business tools to do your job and protect yourself from liability now.

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