What Board Members Need To Know...

Manhattan Coop Board Sued by Disabled Woman Who Needs Service Dog


Elizabeth Woodard is a cooperative resident in a building located on East 86th Street in Manhattan NY.  The board members claim her service animal makes too much noise and thus Olivia the dog needs to go.  Elizabeth suffers from mast cell activation syndrome — a rare, life-threatening disease that can kill her.  Olivia her service dog can sense if symptoms was occurring and can warn Elizabeth.  This board may just have to get earplugs.  Noise nuisance vs. life.  What a bunch of snobs.  Elizabeth is now paying lawyers to fight with the cooperative board members in court.  The coop is also paying lawyers by the way.  My suggestion to Elizabeth is to check who lives on either side of her and below and beneath her and if it is a board member or a friend of a board member, sue their ass individually.  Self serving board members are all over the place and have individual liability for their actions; especially if they self serve themselves like it seems is happening on East 86th Street.  Read the detail in the Daily News.


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