What Board Members Need To Know...

Condo Board President Steals and Then Gets Board Members to Approve


This story is incredible.  The video evidence seems to show that the entire lot, or at least a majority, of board members are stealing and backing each other up.  This Ft. Lauderdale Florida condo board has a ton to worry …

Insurance Companies Hate to Cover You


Its easy to issue your association insurance like D&O insurance, general liability, etc. and to collect your premiums, but when called upon to cover you, watch out.  Insurance companies all over the country and globe try to find ways not …

$40K in Jewelry Stolen from Connecticut Condo


Management at the Avalon Condominiums in Connecticut were in charge of move out inspections. $40,000 in jewelry goes missing the same day as the inspection. Guess who is going to be blamed? Sticky finger management. The board members in Avalon …

Canadian Condo Board Socked with $7500 Personal Liability


A Canadian Court found that the Board members of this Ontario condominium were “stubborn”, “reckless”, and “arrogant”.  Sound familiar.  Well, if it does, you and your board members may suffer a similar fate.  First they were personally hit with a

Florida Board President Steals Over $200k from HOA


It has happened again.  This time in Florida.  Michelle Changar-Coe was the president of her HOA in Tamarac Florida.  The Treasurer and other board members did not do their duty as board members and the president used the homeowners’ bank

NY Property Manager Steals Millions from Associations and Pleads Guilty


Alan Gorelick, the former executive vice president of the Manhattan property-management firm Saparn Realty just pled guilty to stealing $2.6 million from about 30 buildings he managed.  This was not a lump sum from each.  He stole over a number …

Missouri Board Member Embezzled $20,000 from HOA


Justin Randy Hyatt-Oshea faces a charge of embezzling up to $20,000 from Hiawatha Beach Homeowners Association.  For six months while serving on his Missouri homeowner’s association board, Hyatt-Oshea stole the money because board members were not keeping a watchful eye

HOA Board Member Faces Possible 26 Yrs In Jail for Fraud


The scheme was to get elected to the board of HOA and try to take over apartments.  Kenneth Allen — who got elected to an HOA board with the help of former construction company boss Leon Benzer, the scheme’s accused …

Booster Club Board Member Liability


“Trusted parents are caught pocketing money – in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars – from school booster clubs.” NBC investigated and reported on this liability filled booster, volunteer board job.

Typically, booster clubs are nonprofits run by parents. …

HOA Manager Gets 4 Years Hard Time; Board Members Afraid of Personal Liability


When the property manager stole $480,000 from the Arbor Terrace Homeowners Association in Oregon, its board of directors panicked.  Most were afraid of personal liability against themselves. Rightfully so.  They each owed a fiduciary duty to the 160 owners in