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Florida Property Manager Embezzles $228k from 100 Unit Condo

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The board finally woke up and noticed that property manager Kristin Glansen was stealing money from the residents.  Over two years, $228,000.  The board is now suing to try to recover the money which is likely long gone and the …

HOA Treasurer Steals over $120,000 from Association


Aweful.  Just awful.  Not just the treasurer/manager/thief is awful, but the board members who were entrusted with all of that money by the members of the HOA.  Sure there are always bad people who will pull the cover over your …

CT Nonprofit Treasurer Guilty of Embezzling over $150,000


Nonprofit corporation board members have the same problem that board members all over the world have; crooked fellow board members.  In Connecticut, Thomas Recck plead guilty to federal crimes for stealing over $150,000 from a nonprofit canine search and rescue …

Little League Board President Embezzles $20,000


Jeremy Cardera embezzled $20,708 from the Pleasanton California American Little League while he served as league president — and bank statements, hotel records and social media photos verified that he used some of the money to finance a family trip. …

Board Members Held to Higher Standard; Otherwise Personal Liability


Some board members think that they are immune to personal liability. Some do not think at all.  They take the job of board member and do not realize that they are now held to a fiduciary duty to their organization’s …

VA Board Member’s Negligently Failed to Maintain/Provide Condo Records; $30,000 Personally Liable

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Like most state courts across the county, a court in Virginia took a hard line against individual community association board members holding them personally liable for their actions and inactions as board members.  Now, board members Kim Edwards, Brenda Shaffer

Board Member Liability Depends on Records which You Don’t Want to Leave in Other’s Hands


Usually you find board members trying to get records back from management who they no longer want to manage them.  Boards turn over records to management and management holds them hostage.  That is a huge issue that board members can …

Rhode Island Manager of Timeshare Charged with Stealing More the One Half Million Dollars


This is what happens when board members do not watch management..  Don’t get me wrong.  There are plenty of trustworthy managers out there but their tails are not on the line. Most have management contracts that insulate them from liability …

Manhattan Coop Board Sued by Disabled Woman Who Needs Service Dog



Elizabeth Woodard is a cooperative resident in a building located on East 86th Street in Manhattan NY.  The board members claim her service animal makes too much noise and thus Olivia the dog needs to go.  Elizabeth suffers from 

Your Fellow Board Members and Property Managers Can Steal; Board Members Beware or Face Personal Liability Yourself


Authorities in Baton Rouge, La., charged former HOA board president David Heroman with 10 counts of felony theft for allegedly stealing $29,000 from Riverband Lakes Homeowners Association.  Heroman wrote 10 checks out to cash and signed them while serving as …