What Board Members Need To Know...

Board Member Liability Depends on Records which You Don’t Want to Leave in Other’s Hands

Usually you find board members trying to get records back from management who they no longer want to manage them.  Boards turn over records to management and management holds them hostage.  That is a huge issue that board members can easily resolve by keeping records in their own charge and unfettered control.

One Florida HOA, Association of Poinciana Villages Inc., learned that its not just management; its their attorneys as well. The HOA had to sue their former lawyers, Gursky Ragan PA, claiming the Miami law firm refuses to turn over its files and $400,000 collected as part of a terminated contract.  Your records are your records and if you plan on living without personal liability as a board member you ought to start considering keeping control of your own records so that you have unfettered access whenever and wherever you desire.  How else are you supposed to manage your board job and your other life and satisfy your fiduciary duty as a board member.

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